7INCH GPS combo Fish Finder Marine GPS



  1. 2000 waypoints;3000 marks,20routes,max10waypoints/route;1track,49000track points/track
  2. Fish finder
  3. Display screens:Positioning Screen,Satellite Screen,Compass Screen,Map Screen,Highway Screen,Sonar display Screen,Day/Night Mode
  4. Alarm:Encounter,Distance,Arrival,Anchorage,XTE,Timed Reminder,Bridge Reminder
  5. Waterproof,mouisureproof,salt spray proof

GPS Characteristics

Receive channelgps: 50 parallel channels, 50 satellite tracking
Positioning Systemsall-in-view
Accuracy GPS position<  5m (95%); speed: 0.1m/s; time: 100ns Synchronized with satellite time
Start Time<  3 seconds (hot start); average 45seconds (warm start); average 60seconds (cold start)
Restart Time0.1second
Receive FrequencyL11575.42MHz
Tracking speed0.1-1000Byte
Altitude50,000m Max
Velocity500 m/s
Acceleration4g Max

Receiver Assembly

Antenna unit-25 to +70
Display unit-15 to +55
Humidity40  <  93%
Temperature range-15 - + 70
Storage temperature-40-+80
Antenna unitIPX6
Display unitIPX5

Fish Finder Parameters

Adjust detection accuracy modemanual / automatic
Sonar frequency200 kHz
Transducer powerTransducer power
Product size262mm (L) *85mm (W) *179mm (H)
Net weight0.95kg
Packing size272mm (L)*170mm (W)*235mm (H)
Gross weight4.5kg

Packing List

  1. SH-730 Display unit* 1pc
  2. Knob* 2pcs
  3. Bracket* 1pc
  4. GPS antenna* 1pc
  5. Power cable* 1pc
  6. User manual* 1pc
  7. Screw (PA4*20)* 4pcs
  8. Transducer* 1pc