200W RF Power & SWR Meter



This SWR & POWER meter is a  highly accurate RF meter for measuring Forward Power, 
Reversed Power, and VSWR .    
Main Features:
1. Large meter display for ease of reading.  
2. Forward RF power readings (switchable to indicate either average power or Peak 
    Envelope Power [PEP], for SSB and AM transmitters). 
3. Reversed RF power readings.  
4. VSWR rations.   
5. Illuminated meter.   
6. Convenient control layout for ease operation.  


Quick Details

Place of Origin:   Taiwan, China

Brand Name:   NISSEI

Model Number:  RS-101,RS-102,RS-402,RS-502

Measuring Current Range:  5 - 3000 Watt

Measuring Voltage Range:  DC13.8V

Accuracy Class:  +/- 5%

Dimensions:  190 x 85 x 135cm

Power range: 0-200 W / 0-3000 W

Frequency: 1.6-525 MHz

Function: Fwd/Rev Power, PEP, SWR

Accessories: Manual, 13.8 DC Wire

manufacturer: Made in Taiwan