Professional Weather Station

Fine Offset


Professional Color display Weather Station with WIFI Connection

1.Professional Weather Station 
2.WIFI connection 
3.Color Display 
4.Solar Transmitter sensor 
5.Integrated sensor

1. Color display 

2. touch keys 

3. WIFI module 

4. Auto uploading data to net server 

5. Get Time from net 

6. Auto DST 

7. Calendar (Month/date, 2000-2099 Default Year 2016) 

8. Time (hour/minute) 

9. In/outdoor Temperature/Humidity in C/F selectable 10. In/outdoor Temperature/Humidity Trend 

11. Display wind, gust and wind direction 

12. Wireless Wind and Wind direction with 1 degree resolution, accuracy: +/-12degrees 

13. Wind speed in ms, km/h, mph, knots and bft (accuracy: <10m>=10m/s: 10%) 

14. Wireless Rainfall 

15. Rainfall in inch, mm (accuracy: +/-10%) 

16. Display rainfall in rate, event, day, week, month and total.

 17. Independent alerts for indoor & outdoor temperature & humidity 

18. Independent alerts for rain rate and rain day. 

19. Independent alerts for wind speed. 

20. Weather forecast: Sunny, Partly sunny, Cloudy, Rainy, Stormy and Snowy Pressure display with hpa, mmhg or inhg unit.

 21. Heat index, wind chill and dew point for outdoor 

22. High/Low records for indoor/outdoor temperature/humidity

 23. MAX/MIN data records. 

24. High/Mid/Off backlight controlled 25. User accuracy calibration supported 

26. Automatically to saved user set parameters (unit, calibration data, alarm data...) in to EEPROM. 

27. When DC power adapter is connected, back light is on permanently. When only battery operated, back light is turned on only when button is pressed and auto time out is 15s.