5 inch Color LCD Echo Sounder



  • The Hondex HE-61C takes the Hondex expertise of professional echosounders and puts it in a compact and versatile body.
  • Featuring a bright easily read 5" colour display and single frequency capability from the 200kHz transom mount transducer supplied.
  • The Hondex HE-61C also has the added benefit of being powered by either a 12v DC power supply or standard AA batteries.


  • Multi-functions in small body and reasonable cost make small professional fishing boats as well as pleasure crafts affording
  • High resolution color LCD offers you clear viewing.
  • Hardness of bottom indicated by digit and graph helps you finding fish efficiently.
  • As it is operated by internal batteries, you can install and use at any place, and you can carry it freely as it is folded in brack. (Optional Front Cover and Strap are recommended)
  • Zoom function makes easy looking of fish closed to bottom, undulation of bottom.

Display5 inch TFT Color LCD
Numbers of pixel272 x 480
Display StylePortrait only
Power SupplyDry cell SUM-3 x 8 pcs or 11-14VDC
Power Consumption                    Approx. 3W
Time of OperationApprox. 10 hours continuously with dry cells
Power Output100W
TransducerStandard: TD03, Used: TD26
Dimension (Unit)170H x 178W x 63D mm
Weight (Unit)Approx. 0.7kg
Depth Range (m)0-3, 0-5, 0-8, 0-10, 0-15, 0-20, 0-30, 0-40, 0-50, 0-80, 0-100, 0-125, 0-150, 0-300
  • Auto Range (OFF / ON)
  • Auto Gain (OFF / LOW / HIGH)
  • Expansion rate (x2, x4, x8)
  • Expansion (OFF / Auto Exp / Manual Exp / Bottom Lock)
  • A-mode (OFF / ON)
  • Sweep Speed (Freeze + 5 steps)
  • Language selectable
  • Depth unit selectable from Meters, Feet, Fathoms, Brazas
  • Color Configuration (4 kinds)
  • Background Color (White / Blue / Black)
  • Clutter
  • Depth Digit (OFF / Small / Medium / Large)
  • Hard Bottom Level Readout
  • Water Temp, Readout **
  • Water Temp, Graph **
  • Alarm (Fish, Depth, Battery and Water Temp. **)
  • Fish Mark (OFF / ON)
  • Water Temp Unit (°C / °F)**
  • Depth Marker (OFF / ON)
  • Auto Range Max Depth
  • Clean Echo (OFF / ON)
  • Pulse Length (Small / Medium / Large)
  • Keel Offset
  • Scale Line (OFF / ON)
  • Menu Content Storage
  • Back Light (5 ranks)
  • Built-in Simulator

** In case of connected with optional water temp. sensor